A Special Gift

The other night I wrapped up an outdoor soccer program with a really great group of kids and parents. I’d already coached a handful of them in the past, and the new kids all had lots of personality and enthusiasm. I tell tons of jokes and act pretty silly during classes, but these kids cracked me up.

As usual, I stuck around at the end of class, chatting with parents for 10 or 15 minutes. Then, with the help of some children (who would proclaim their superhero status after showing me how many hoola hoops they can lift) I carried the equipment back to my car and drove away. I was probably envisioning my dinner when I noticed something attached to my side-view mirror. A small necklace or chain of flowers had been left hanging there for me to find, a gift from one of the kids in my class. It was touching to have received a thoughtful gift, but even better because it was a surprise to see it fluttering beside my window. I quickly grabbed it before it blew away and hung it on my rear-view mirror. I’m not sure how long it will remain there, but it’s one of the best gifts a child has ever given me.

5 July 2012 by