All About A Sportball Kid: See Jane Go

Welcome to Community Voice, a place where we hope to share more stories about Sportball families and the kids who make our programs special.

Recently we sent a message to parents and asked them to share their experience with us. Here’s what Lindsay had to say:

Jane, who is just 4, is in her second stint with Sportball in Burlington. She’s been in a number of ‘organized’ sports programs in her young life including gymnastics, soccer and swimming, and has really shown limited excitement and motivation. Our experience with Sportball has been completely amazing! She is excited to go each week, is an active and eager participant and has made connections with the coaches (Linda, Devon and Yvonne) that will have a lasting impression. Awesome. Sportball is awesome.

Thanks for sharing, Lindsay! Awesome happens because of awesome people — not just our Coaches Linda, Devon and Yvonne, but especially Moms and Dads who help their child develop a healthy and active lifestyle as they continue to grow!

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18 March 2013 by