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Sportball Summer Outdoor Policies

Getting to know Sportball’s Policies for Outdoor Summer Programs

  Fresh air, blue skies, new friends – it’s our favourite time of year again! Whether you’re a Sportball rookie or a returning star player, it’s important to keep in…

By  |  25 June 2013


How to help your child cope with separation anxiety

Making children comfortable in an environment without a parent is often the biggest hurdle when trying to get young children active. The term used to describe children that react emotionally…

By  |  3 June 2013

How to get the most from Sportball's outdoor programs

How to get the most from Sportball’s outdoor programs

Spring is finally here! As more families step outdoors to enjoy our programs under the sun, we want to make sure everyone gets the most out of their Sportball experience….

By  |  8 May 2013