Building Connections With Your Children – Part 2

As a Sportball Coach, there are moments in our classes and interactions with families that confirm the type of meaningful connections we are building with your children. In part 1 I mentioned parents telling me how their child talks about their Coach all week and looks forward to seeing them again. I also mentioned hearing from parents that use their child’s Sportball Coach’s name when behaviour issues arise at home. I truly do appreciate the impact we as Sportball Coaches have on your children and would like to share a few more with you.

This past season I have had the pleasure to connect with some wonderful families who have brought to light the importance of building a strong rapport with all children. One of the most memorable for me was a little girl (3 1/2 years old), who had never been to a Sportball class before. She had watched her older brother have a great time in the last couple of seasons, but hadn’t been part of a class herself. Finally, she got the chance to attend a Sportball class of her own which she was very excited about. Going into the class I didn’t think she knew me all that well, aside from what her brother told her and from watching her brother’s classes. However, on her first day at Sportball her parents informed me that in preparation she “had to” put on makeup for Coach Darryl. This just demonstrated to me that the little things count, even if the children aren’t on my roster! Although she wasn’t in my class before, I had made an effort to say hi to her every week and gave her a sticker when she picked up her brother after his class. Apparently this was just enough to make a good impression on her!

We all know that sometimes we find ourselves a bit shocked when we see ourselves reflected in our children. Over the years at Sportball, let’s just say I have had a number of different hair styles. The saying goes, “imitation is the highest form of flattery.” This season was no different. I encountered a number of boys who when either getting their haircut or coming to class each week, wanted to have their hair just like Coach Darryl. It’s one thing to know the children I teach look up to me and look forward to seeing me each week but it’s a whole different category when they even want to look like me. It doesn’t stop with hair! Parents mention that their children decided to wear sporty clothes so they look like Coach Darryl, or even ask their parents if they think I will like their clothes! This just makes me more aware that I am an important role model, and I am often reminded by the little “Mini-me’s” running around that I too need to dress to impress!

Lastly, I want to mention by far the sweetest and most heartwarming thing that has ever happened to me as a Sportball Coach. The past few seasons I have coached two sisters. The oldest is five years old and the youngest is two-and-a-half. During this season, the family found out that they were expecting a third child and were very excited to discover that they were having a boy. The girls’ mother, upon telling them of this wonderful news, asked them their opinion on what would be some great names for their new baby brother who would soon be arriving. Both girls agreed that Darryl would be a great name. However, like a lot of younger children, they could not pronounce my name properly. They told me they wanted to name their brother “Darryld”, but I knew who they meant!

These examples are instances that are a reality for every Sportball Coach. We are well aware that our responsibilities do not end at coaching. The connections and the relationship we work to build with your children are important to us and to Sportball;  Sportball is more than just learning how to play sports, but also acting as role models who build positive relationships with your children.

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