Building Connections With Your Children – Part 1

“100 Years from now, it will not matter the car I drove or the house I lived in….but the difference I made in the life of a child.”
– Forest Witcraft

This simple yet profound statement is what inspires not only myself but all Sportball coaches each and every day, in each and every class, when teaching each and every child.

One of the most important ways to accomplish this is to build meaningful connections with children. It starts with something as simple as a “Hello” and a “high five” when your child enters the gym, to “You did an awesome job today and I can’t wait to see you next week” when their class is over. We want each and every child to feel as important as they are to us.

Another way we build connections is creating fun and creative lesson plans using the interests of your child, such as movies they watch or their favourite TV characters. Being relateable and current is something we strive to do in every lesson we teach. These are just some of the building blocks in creating a positive and meaningful relationship with your children. We know we are succeeding when we hear from parents that their child has been talking about their coach all week; or that their children are asking how many more sleeps until their next Sportball class when they will get to see their coach again; or how parents use their child’s Sportball coach as part of behavior management at home.

It is important to us to foster the connection with your children so they come away from Sportball having a very positive and fun experience. But we also want them to develop a love for sports and physical activity, and hopefully an increased self confidence that can transfer into all aspects of their lives.

12 June 2012 by