Built on word of mouth. The strength of our methodology.

If you can successfully build your business by “word of mouth”…then it’s a pretty good indication that you’re doing something right. The growth of Sportball over the past 18 years has been powered by parents sharing their child’s experiences at Sportball with other parents. It is a human tendency to share information about experiences both positive and negative and at Sportball we provide a mostly positive and always memorable experience like no other, for parents and children alike.

Our Multi-Sport program introduces children between 16 months and 12 years to the basic building blocks of eight popular ball sports. We believe that the sports arena is uniquely suited to not just develop sports skills but also to focus on self esteem, social skills, listening skills, and the benefits of cooperative play. Many parents have told us over the years that the experience at Sportball was a significant factor in their child’s early life experiences.

And who is our audience…while it’s as wide and varied as the spectrum of children in the world. We work with young children from a broad range of backgrounds who have varying needs, experiences, personalities, skill levels, perspectives and developing views on the world. It is our unique methodology and our age progressive and skills appropriate instruction which enables our coaches to communicate and teach children effectively so that the goals of every class are attainable.

This foundation is paramount but what are parents really buzzing about? The experience Sportball provides. Families aren’t only attending a class once a week; they are entering into a comfortable, friendly and warm atmosphere where coaches know you by first name and also know to ask you about your last weekend at the cottage. It is this relationship that we form with our families and the bonds we develop with the children that get people talking and that bring people back season after season.

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