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Juice is NOT a F@*#$*&g Fruit!

In case you’re not aware, Canada’s official Food Guide formally recognizes half a cup of juice as a fruit equivalent. This of course despite both the Canadian and American Pediatric…

By  |  19 March 2013

Why Ontario’s Healthy Active Kids Panel’s Report is so Important and Heartening

If you’re an Ontarian by now I’m sure you’ve heard a fair bit about Ontario’s release yesterday of the recommendations made by our Healthy Kids Panel.I’m not going to go…

By  |  12 March 2013

10 Tips to help your kids play more – Participaction

Physical activity makes us healthier, faster, stronger, more flexible, smarter and more. But when it comes to kids, it should be all about active play. The following tips are designed…

By  |  15 February 2013