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Four major outcomes from Sportball and U of T’s occupational therapy student placement

This past summer, Sportball partnered with the University of Toronto’s Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy to create an 8-week placement for two students to join our Coaches 

By  |  6 December 2013

Help your child win the Blame Game in youth sports

Blaming others for what goes wrong is a common practice in youth sports–as it is in society.  When a run scores, when a touchdown pass is dropped, when a goal…

By  |  9 April 2013

Juice is NOT a F@*#$*&g Fruit!

In case you’re not aware, Canada’s official Food Guide formally recognizes half a cup of juice as a fruit equivalent. This of course despite both the Canadian and American Pediatric…

By  |  19 March 2013