Consistency in our Coaching

Q: Why is consistency so important in coaching?

A: Consistency is the most important aspect of your coaching. It directly impacts the quality of your program and therefore the expectations of the children you serve and their parents. If you can maintain, or continually improve the quality of your programs through consistency, innovation, and self-improvement, it will be your classes that will build your reputation, as a coach, leader and person, and guarantee you success within this company and any other.

Q: How does one become consistent in coaching?

A: There are 3 main ways to gain consistency as a great coach:

1. Learn as much as you can.
Learn from manuals, trainers, and from your experiences themselves. Pay attention to what works and modify or change what doesn’t.

2. Reflect on your practice- (Try the START, STOP, and CONTINUE model) .
START using proven practices and methodologies, collaborate with your fellow coaches, and continually adapt and expand good classroom management practices and games to make them great. STOP using strategies and methods that are unproductive or that create more problems than they solve. Finally, CONTINUE doing all that works well for you and keep building upon your ideas and techniques.

3. Use this site as a support tool.
Use this networking tool to share great ideas, dialogue about problems you are struggling to solve, or just read and learn from the experiences of others. As the saying goes, “Two heads are better than one.” With this in mind, imagine what we can all gain from an international forum, which brings people from across the globe together for the good of everyone in the Sportball family, especially the children we inspire to love sports.

6 June 2012 by