Getting to know Sportball’s Policies for Outdoor Summer Programs


Fresh air, blue skies, new friends – it’s our favourite time of year again! Whether you’re a Sportball rookie or a returning star player, it’s important to keep in mind our safety policies before your family reaches the field:

Our Coaches need your support to run our programs

Parents are required to remain with their children at the field or park at all times. Our Sportball Soccer Coaches will advise as to where the designated parent waiting area is as to avoid to children running in different directions looking for Mom or Dad.

We ask that parents please support our Sportball Soccer Coaches by adhering to all guidelines. Families will be asked to sit behind the ‘Sportball Line’ (also known as the ‘Magic Line’ for younger ages).

If you have more than one child registered at the same time but in a different group on our fields, each child MUST BE supervised by an adult. With fields being open to the public, it is a safety risk for your child not to have their parent or caregiver at fieldside. If you have more than one child in the same program and one child requires a washroom break, we require both children to accompany you.

Our Sportball Soccer Coaches are trained to focus their attention on running professional and engaging programs; Sportball’s ability to deliver these high standards would be compromised if Coaches have to follow after children who may be looking for their parent. If your child leaves the group, please bring them back to the ‘Sportball Line’ or the area in which the group is practising.

Please consider children with allergies and keep our fields food-free

For the safety of all children with allergies, we require that no food is brought to any Sportball location, including Outdoor Soccer programs.

Please ensure that siblings are not eating at fieldside.

If your child has an allergy, please speak with your Sportball Soccer Coach prior as they will make additional announcements to families to try and ensure that your child’s needs are met.

Remember to bring your child’s soccer jersey & ball

Sportball jerseys should be worn to the program each week. All children are encouraged to personalize or write their name on their soccer ball for easy identification. Distribution policies vary depending on region, please contact your local office in Canada or the U.S. to confirm more information.

If parents register one week or less prior to the soccer program starting, children may not receive a jersey on the first day. If you do register late, you are welcome to call your local office to arrange a time to collect your jersey. Many children will also arrive to their first day of class dressed in their Sportball gear as we have distributed all soccer balls and jerseys prior to Day One. This new initiative will ensure our Coaches can focus on welcoming our Sportball soccer stars.

Don’t forget your drink!

Children should bring water labelled with their name in a non-breakable container, as there will be a short drink break.

Keep in mind our weather policies

Rain or shine, our Coaches always plan to arrive on time. Cancellations are only made at fieldside with parents. As per our registration policies, we are unfortunately not able to accommodate make-up classes.

Decisions are not made prior to the start time of programs as we are unable to determine conditions from our location.


Our office staff is available to speak with you in person during normal business hours. Please address any weekend concerns with your Sportball Soccer Coach at fieldside. Click here for office contact information.

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