Let’s Tidy Up!

Lucky for me I have a pretty decent voice, which actually comes in handy with Sportball!

When teaching the Jr. Program there is pretty much a song for everything. A song for bubbles, a song for stretches, a song for hellos, and a song for tidying up. Now, some coaches cringe at the thought of singing, especially the guys! But I take that opportunity to help smooth out transitions and to make class fun and interactive!

After years of teaching, the reason we sing is a lost concept in the mind of a coach. Basically we do it because it becomes second nature. In one of my Sportball Junior classes I coach a sweet toddler who loves playing with the equipment but isn’t a fan of giving it back at the end of each skill. One class, I began to sing the tidy up song as usual and all of the little ones started to waddle their way over to me with their orange balls. As I went for another round of the song, I noticed this young boy making his way over as well. His dad was standing a few meters back waiting to rescue his son from the upcoming melt down. The boy tossed the ball into the bag and I shot him a big smile and continued my song. His dad instantly threw his hands in the air and said, “He tidied up! Yes! He tidied up!” The moment was so sweet to watch as he swept his son off of his feet and gave him a big hug. The song to me meant little, but if it weren’t for the tidy up song who knows when that father and son would have shared such a moment together!

26 June 2012 by