Positively Influencing Kids’ Lives

I have always wanted to find an occupation where I could go to sleep at night knowing I made the world a better place. With Sportball I have found a way to do that. What better way is there to influence the world than through children? Sportball gives me and my team the chance to be a positive light in kids’ lives.

One of my favourite parts of Sportball are the stories you get from the coaches. When my team gets together we love sharing the fun and amazing things our Sportballers do. Our coaches genuinely enjoy spending time with the kids in their classes and that is what makes the program special. We love seeing the kids light up as they learn a new skill and realize they can do it.

What does this mean for us? That doing what we do is a privilege and and an honour, and we are very blessed that we get the opportunity to be a positive influence in kids’ lives.

10 July 2012 by