Top 10 reasons to register for Sportball’s Junior and Parent & Child programs

We are passionate about what we do,  but we also have a purpose behind the Coaching Methodology we use in our Sportball classes.

Whether you’re already enrolled or thinking about joining in, here’s a Top 10 round-up on the benefits of our parent participation programs (which includes Junior and Parent & Child) for kids ages 16 months to 5 years old.


1. Strengthens the bond with your child.

Parent and child bonding

Parents and kids both have a blast together in our parent participation programs -- in certain locations, we even offer classes just for Me & My Dad!


2. Engages children through fun and age-appropriate skills and activities.

Ball bucket activity

Kids between 2-3 years old were asked to bring two different coloured balls back to the bucket.

3. Encourages children to progress at their own pace.

Boy resting

After 40 minutes of skill instruction, this guy ran out of steam! Good thing bubble time was next!

4. Provides parents resources to assist in their child’s development.

Mom and tot dribble

Mom teaches basketball dribbling with her child using hand-over-hand instruction.


5. Creates an opportunity for your child to make new friends.

Making new friends

Batman puts on a friendly face in the crowd.

6. Develops skills and healthy behaviours at a younger age.

Sportball Success Kid

She's got such a positive attitude, she looks like the Success Kid! (Google it, you'll be glad you did.)

7. Exposes children to skills associated with an array of sports.

Baseketball spin

This little guy was ecstatic to be able to spin a b-ball on his tiny finger. Thanks, Coach Jason!


8. Improves gross motor skills (balance, coordination, strength, timing).

Hoop jump

The hoop jump skill teaches kids as young as 2 years old to learn how to coordinate jumps from feet-together to feet-apart while still moving forward.


9. Improves social skills (confidence, independence, teamwork).

Social skillsWhat a gentleman!


and last but not least…

10. Led by highly skilled Sportball Coaches who are passionate about making a difference in the life of a child.

Coach fist bump

Whether it's a fist bump or a high five, our Coaches always make sure that each child feels special at the end of the class!


Have you ever attended one of our Junior or Parent & Child programs? What did you think? Ask us anything in the comments below!


9 November 2012 by