Why I Love Being a Sportball Coach

When I was younger and trying to figure out what career path I wanted to take, I had a few things in mind. One was to work with children and the other was to do something in the sports field. When I found out about Sportball, it was like finding the best of both worlds.

After 4 years with Sportball I come to work everyday with the anticipation of seeing the smiles on my students faces as they enter the gym. When I am doing my job I do not consider it as working, I consider it as coaching. I am coaching these kids so that they can improve and enjoy the benefits of physical activity and sports. On top of that I get to see them grow and learn so much that it makes me feel like I am making a difference in their lives. Something about seeing a child succeed to me feels like I am succeeding. On top of all of this, teaching kids is also a learning opportunity for me because I do plan on being a father someday and through this job I am gaining a great amount of knowledge and understanding of children. To have this type of fulfillment from my job is extremely rewarding and I consider myself very lucky to be in this line of work. What I love most is that not only do I get to make the kids laugh and smile, but that they return the favour.

6 June 2012 by